Some kind words about RIIC, shared by some fine journalists, educators, and media folk. RIIC would be tickled if you added your own.

Peter Mansbridge

This may be the most important addition to Canadian journalism in decades.  With very few exceptions, Canadian journalists have little idea how to best pursue stories in the aboriginal community. Duncan McCue has proven to be one of those exceptions, and now he shares his inside knowledge with the rest of us. This will make us all better, but more importantly, it will make our stories much better.

– Peter Mansbridge, CBC News Chief Correspondent/Anchor – The National

Jean LaRose

Any viewer of television news in Canada knows Duncan McCue. He is a respected, fair and honourable First Nations citizen who proudly tells our stories, as well as many others, to Canadian audiences and probably others around the world. A lot of work has gone into this guide for reporters who either work, or wish to work, in our communities. I strongly recommend it as a must-read for all current and future reporters who want to report on this unique and intrinsic part of the Canadian story.

– Jean LaRose, CEO – Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN)

Brenda Nadjiwan

The information in this website is reader-friendly, concise and illuminating; it provides practical guidance and advice when investigating, and framing an Aboriginal story. The information, herein, begs the critical question: why do we think the way we think – a question every journalist needs to consider when developing, writing and presenting a story. Thank you, Duncan McCue, for a sensitive examination of the issues and a clear, easy, (dare I say, enjoyable) to read, guide.

– Brenda Nadjiwan, Chair – Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection (SABAR)

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