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Duncan has delivered lectures and keynote speeches across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, on journalism in Indigenous communities. Duncan also leads workshops — offering invaluable practical advice to First Nations working with media, or newsrooms trying to improve reporting from Indian Country.

What people are saying about RIIC:

“Your insights and expertise were incredibly helpful and everyone got a lot out of the session. You stimulated some good conversations and gave us quite a bit to think about.” – Heather Amos, UBC Public Affairs

“Fantastic site! It’s comprehensive and easy to read and touches upon issues not often talked about in media reports on covering Indigenous news. As part of our communications strategy, we are reaching out to the media senior editors/publishers to discuss issues, priorities and covering First Nation news. I am going to use a lot of what you have gathered as part of our presentation and direct them to your site!” –  Jamie Monastyrski, Chiefs of Ontario


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