Round-up (redux) of #IdleNoMore reading

Round-up (redux) of #IdleNoMore reading

RIIC’s first #IdleNoMore round-up was for journalists, or other interested readers, wondering what all the fuss is about. This collection of links is for those who want to dig deeper – writings of some oft-quoted Indigenous thinkers and political-types, fact sheets and other helpful stuff. Thx again @HarshaWalia for forwarding links.

Plus, if you’re struggling with what terms to employ when describing those Native/Aboriginal/First Nations/Indigenous persons round-dancing away in the malls (in which case, you may also be struggling with, what the heck is a round-dance, anyway?), here’s some tips on lexicon and terminology. Please, add other #IdleNoMore resources in the Comments section or tweet ’em to @RIICNews.

Idle No More Flash Mob in Victoria, BC (Dec 21) Credit: Keri Coles Photography, via Facebook


Amid holiday feasting, Chief Spence’s hunger strike stays aimed at Harper:

No, things are not getting better for Natives:

Harper’s manifesto: Erasing Canada’s Indigenous communities:

Canadian Colonialism by Taiaiake Alfred:

Center for Social Justice Factsheet on Aboriginal Issues:

The Income Gap between Aboriginal Peoples and the Rest of Canada:


Idle No More discussed on CBC’s Power & Politics (Dec 21) Credit: CBC


Canada is Dependent on Indigenous Peoples by Arthur Manuel:

UN Committee urged to Examine Canada’s Discrimination Against Indigenous


Canada Blasted at U.N. for Treatment of Indigenous Peoples:

First Nations Under Surveillance:

Vancouver Sun: Really Harper, Canada has no history of colonialism?

Conditions for Aboriginal Women:

Historical Timeline:

One more #IdleNoMore commentary, via @MargaretAtwood:

Finally… a great Google map of Idle No More happenings since December 10. It was created by Tim Groves, an investigative researcher and journalist based in Toronto:

View #IdleNoMore Events in a larger map