What Makes a Red Man Red – Part 2

What Makes a Red Man Red – Part 2

How about this for a nice surprise in my inbox?

An email from Janice Neil, editor-in-chief of J-source.ca and journalism professor at Ryerson University, congratulating me for earning an Hononourable Mention as the J-source Canadian Newsperson of the Year Award.

Cool, eh? J-source is the English website for the Canadian Journalism Project. Its goal is “to enable a national conversation about the achievement of, and challenges to, excellence in Canadian journalism and provide a convenient and trustworthy source of information and commentary.”

In its decision, J-source applauded the development of riic.ca as an “open-source online guide for journalists covering indigenous communities.” Here’s Janice’s note:

Dear Duncan,

On behalf of the Canadian Journalism Project, I would like to congratulate you on earning an Honourable Mention by the jury selecting the J-Source Canadian Newsperson of the Year Award.

We wanted to honour your drive to create new kinds of journalism, even within the traditional media platforms, opportunities for other journalists to understand and therefore tell, better tell stories about aboriginal communities, and, your generosity to share information about new forms of story telling. We want to salute your innovation to expand the number of journalistic voices in this country. 

The recognition underlines the goals of J-Source and its French sister site ProjetJ (the website projects of the Canadian Journalism Foundation in collaboration with leading journalism schools and organizations) to help  Canadians passionate about journalism strive for professional excellence. 

Congratulations once again,

Janice Neil
J-Source Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Editorial Committee
The Canadian Journalism Project

Now, I’m sure my grandfather would say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but I’m honoured to be mentioned in the same ranks as Sean Holman, who was doing amazing digging at Public Eye, and James Baxter, founder of ipolitics.ca.

And major kudos to the winner  of the Canadian Newsperson of the Year- Wilf Dinnick – for his efforts at openfile.ca: http://j-source.ca/article/video-wilf-dinnick-talks-j-source-award-win

Congrats Wilf… and gi-meegwich to J-source for the head nod!

P.S. Puzzled by the Red Man Red reference? See my earlier post. 🙂

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